Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I'm Back

Its been a while since I last blogged and since I forget my password and everything associated, I decided to start a new one.  Unlike my last one, I will only blog during provincial, federal, as well as US elections and this will be a non-partisan one.  I may endorse or oppose certain policies, but I will neither endorse nor oppose any candidate, party, or leader.  Instead I will try to give a neutral look at the political events occurring.  In order to ensure my blog is widely read, I will be a member of Blogging Canadians at http://www.bloggingcanadians.ca/ which has blogs of all political persuasions including non-partisan. In today's environment most blogs just parrot the partisan lines of each party, otherwise blindly opposing everything their opponents support and supporting everything their chosen party does.  I believe all parties have good and bad policies and more importantly believe that if we are to build a better country it requires a willingness to listen and respect those with different views.  I also love to make predictions on how certain policies will affect voter intentions as well as look at both the advantages and disadvantages of each policy as almost everthing has an advantage and a disadvantage.  I welcome comments of all political persuasions, but will delete any spam, racist remarks, swearing, and insults.  This is for those who want to have an intelligent discussion on the issues at hand.  It will be more active during elections and when the weather is crummy here in Toronto (I like being outside when nice although being just above freezing and about to snow tonight, that may not come for a while).

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